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LEGO Advent calendars contain 24 buildable presents that you can open from the beginning of December until Christmas Eve. For example, Themes include City, Friends, and Star Wars, and include surprise presents hidden inside. A great example, is the Star Wars Advent Calendar 75245. This features a Star Wars theme and includes a First Order Star Destroyer.

On the other hand, let your child enjoy the holidays with the LEGO® City Advent Calendar!

LEGO ADVENT CALENDARS give your child a fun way to get into the holiday spirit .
For instance the LEGO® City 60235 Advent Calendar playset. It has 24 different buildable presents, one for each day of the season, including a snowmobile, snow fort, curling set, fireplace, rocking chair, telescope and much more. This children’s Advent Calendar includes 7 minifigures and a husky dog figure.