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Invite your friends over for a night of fun-filled humor with the Smart Ass board game. In this game, the first to answer is the first to win. Cards include hilarious who, what and where am I questions for nonstop laughs. Have you ever played a game and been bursting to yell out the answer, even when it’s not your turn Here’s your chance
Each Who, What and Where am I card has 10 clues-the first player to yell out the correct answer moves one step closer to being the champ
Move forward by correctly identifying people, places and things before anyone else, the first player to reach the target in the center of the board wins
This fast-paced party game requires no specific knowledge base, so even if you don’t think you know much, you still can win
Who’s the Smart A among your friends and family
Find out with this outrageous, fast-paced party game that will have the whole gang in hysterics within minutes.
This is the game for players who have been bursting to scream out the answer even when it’s not their turn. Each Who, What or Where question has eight clues – the first player to yell out the correct answer wins the round and takes a step closer to being the ultimate ‘Smart A’.
Are you already a Smart A fan, but ready feel like you ve played your original game to death Have no fear! All new content is here! Smart A is new again, with completely new topics and clues. We ve refreshed our cards to reflect current personalities and events, so you can play again without hearing clues and answers you have heard before. Who will be the Smart A now

  • All players will have a chance to win at any time. It’s not about who’s the smartest so much as how fast you can think. The game plays with between 2 and 6 players.
  • Players advance around the board answering questions, but can also run into Dumb A spaces where they miss a turn or Hard A spaces where they earn bonus questions and a chance to move ahead.
  • Once a clue is read, players rush to yell out the correct answer first – players don’t even need to wait until the entire clue is read. If they know the answer, they can yell it out.

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