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LEGO® ART sets offer adult builders an escape from everyday life as they deliver a special LEGO building experience for anyone with an interest in art, music or movies. From influential artists, well-known musicians and famous movie characters, collectible LEGO ART sets make perfect wall-art display pieces in the home or office. Every set comes with an information booklet, plus a complimentary Soundtrack for deeper immersion while building and rebuilding.

Reconnect with your creative side, channel your inner artist, and create a beautiful art display you’ll love.
Give your personal space or office a touch of the iconic with your own version of your favorite pop art from Andy Warhol, The Beatles, Marvel Studios and the Star Wars™ saga. Build, relax, and immerse yourself in a uniquely curated soundtrack that brings you into the world of your favorite icons.

Discover the pleasure of a different LEGO® building experience! Celebrate some of the world’s most iconic artists, bands and characters with these unique LEGO ART sets. Create wall art to display, with 3 or 4 building options in each set so you can choose your favorite. While building, immerse yourself in the Soundtrack, with stories closely linked to the piece. If you’re up for more, 2 of the sets offer a bigger building challenge and an ultimate art piece to display!